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Originally Posted by OldGuy View Post
As I said, the overall message of tolerance and acceptance is admirable. There just happens to be other aspects that I find...less than admirable. Superfluous. Of course, this is the case with groups of people in general.

That is only my opinion and I've never expected anyone else to see my thoughts in a positive light.
I see the "superiority" as a human condition. Each of us makes choices... and we assume our choices are the best.

I've seen child-free couples and two sets of people who each feel smug and content with their choice... and can't understand why others choose the other option (or assume the others 'can't' or 'won't' choose the other option.) Parents assume everyone would be a better person if they had a child or two... The Childless assume they are better people because they are not overpopulating the world...

Same for education... Most people who have a college degree feel they've accomplished something... and (recent conversation with the maintenance man at work...) some with technical experience/training feel that the college educated a 'morons.'

And the opinions become more strident when several people of the same type are together... i.e. a group of parents or sorority girls or military retirees.

Poly is the best option for me. It might be a good option for others... but they don't know it. Am I superior? Not really. I'm different... and I'm proud of my differences and decisions.

Poly is not best for everyone... there is no one size fits all solution to relationships..... including marriage.
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