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Default 1 Year update!

Well it has been a fast and eventful year since I have moved in to RP's house. Surprisingly enough, there have been next to no issues related to co-habitation I am happy to say We seem to have come to a balance and understanding of what areas of household functioning we can share and each excel in.
RP's family has been extremely supportive and I believe are proud of her for building a loving environment for her son.

Recently I have been spending more time in PN's and her main living space due to a hot water tank flood that left my place without a kitchen or bathroom ( I live in the downstairs suite). This too has proven less stressful than I thought it would be and if anything has brought us closer together in many ways.

RP's son seems happier than ever and still finds it a novelty to come down stairs to hang out with me.

PN and I are two very different men but we also respect each other and enjoy hanging out for our own occasional night where we watch a movie and chat. We're as much family as many blood relatives I have.

All in all, we are all pretty happy, taking care of each other and becoming more of a family unit each day.

Who knows what is next for our happy little home!!

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