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Originally Posted by opalescent View Post
I have to admit that, OldGuy, I found your initial statement about poly and bisexual people offputting. You have the privilege of hiding in plain sight since you are married to a woman and are presumably 'straight looking' i.e. not effeminate or flamboyant.

I do not believe that all queer or poly folks are required to come out. That is not possible for everyone. I also do not believe that you are obligated to be activists, to associate with activists that you find unappealling or think that the agenda of the LGBT or poly movements is what you want too. Perhaps you do what you can to move poly or LBGT rights forward. Since all I know of you is from one statement, I am going to assume that's so.

However, the statements above read like someone who seems rather unaware of the privileges they possess. Do you recognize that those same stuck up, misguided people you ran into at the convention are also the same folks attempting to make life a bit easier for poly folks? This doesn't mean you need to go shout alongside them or even agree with them but do recognize what they are trying to accomplish - for themselves, certainly, but also for people like you, your wife, your boyfriend and your girlfriend.
As I said, the overall message of tolerance and acceptance is admirable. There just happens to be other aspects that I find...less than admirable. Superfluous. Of course, this is the case with groups of people in general.

That is only my opinion and I've never expected anyone else to see my thoughts in a positive light.
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