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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Oh lordy, why? You've got five, he's got two. Isn't that enough, for goodness sakes! Why have more, really? Some kind of pride thing? Ugh.

The first guy wasn't supposed to be seeing anyone but your wife, and now this guy is supposed to put his kids second for you. Don't you think it's rather selfish of you to ask that one of the rare divorced dads who actually spends lots of focused time with his kids drop that to be a part of your family instead? WTF?

Yeah, I'd say move on. You'd be doing him a favor.
As for the child, he has indicated he would like to try for a boy (his two kids are girls) with us, and this is ok with all of us. Maybe it is a pride thing on his part, or maybe it's a way to show his affection.

You mentioned something about the first guy and not allowing him to date others. In our book a relationship is a commitment to eachother. We made this clear when we started dating him. I know if I were to have done this when dating my wofe I would not be married to her.

As for the guy we are with now. I never said anything about him dropping his kids and running to us. I do not call it selfish to want to spend some time with him at least everyother week, and spending time with him and his daughters as a family.
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