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Originally Posted by cmtrujillo76 View Post
. . . we have even started talking about having another child which he would be the father.
Oh lordy, why? You've got five, he's got two. Isn't that enough, for goodness sakes! Why have more, really? Some kind of pride thing? Ugh.

Originally Posted by cmtrujillo76 View Post
My probelm is that he tends to spoil his daughters to the point of them running him ragid. It is not unusual for him to get off of work and have to run his kids everywhere, thus leaving no time for us. At first this was fine, but now it is to the point my wife and I feel left behind. We have tried to talk to him about this, but he indicates he is trying and he does love still love us. We do love him as well, but should we accept he has to much on his plate and move on with our life?
The first guy wasn't supposed to be seeing anyone but your wife, and now this guy is supposed to put his kids second for you. Don't you think it's rather selfish of you to ask that one of the rare divorced dads who actually spends lots of focused time with his kids drop that to be a part of your family instead? WTF?

Yeah, I'd say move on. You'd be doing him a favor.
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