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Default greetings from Santa Fe,NM

Greetings from New Mexico, sunny and not so warm any more here.
First up, there are 3 buttons, one says New Thread, two say Thread/Thread Starter. I'm new to web posting. I hit New Thread this time. Is that the thing to do? We'll see where it ends up.
I'm appreciative of all the postings, on-goingness, and Q & A's I've found here.
Very refreshing.
I've been married to a woman for 16 years and we are poly. My first relationship was poly for awhile and so was another long term relationship. We, my partner and I, had some fun with others about 5 years ago and now my partner, RB, has a lover. They are pretty up and down and RB is learning to communicate like never before. This is refreshing for me. I'm looking for a man for myself.

I'm wondering what others have done in regards to the children. I've read some of the posts and the children seem very accepting. Do you tell them out right or do you let it evolve and let actions tell the story? Have your children had any fall out themselves? It was easier to do this with out children for me. I won't let it stop me, yet I feel the need to be very .....aware and attentive to my son.
If there are already some posts you can point me to with this subject matter that would be great.
I'm still learning to navigate this site. Many layers.
be well,

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