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Originally Posted by sea View Post
Violet...I never meant to say you were to ' young ' to understand. Yes, many many outside influences make us who we are, how we ....blah blah blah...
Just the little that HMA said about past experiences let the imagination run...and my heart breaks for anyone that has to do with crap than NO-ONE should ever have to face.
I have read many of your posts, and you of all people on here are the one I can relate to the most, I have felt so much like you have expressed. I know how much hurt comes with that, and I wouldn't want anyone to feel this.

I have never met you...and all I would like to do is hug you and say, damn,,,but I understand!
I didn't mean to go off like that. That whole "Brain study" is a really touchy subject for me, and I was REALLY on edge when I wrote that last night. It's been a rough couple of days. Weeks, really. I'm really sorry - hope I didn't offend you.

And hey, if we understand one another - if you ever need someone to talk to, PM away!
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