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I do understand that pov, but the part that is hard for me is that I don't personally think that anyone has the ability to "cause me harm" or "cause another harm" unless the other person is giving their power away and identifying with the 3rd density "physicality" and the ego. So while I know that should he choose "lie to me" it is not me he is lying to but him, and I cannot be harmed. I do love and enjoy my physical body but I know I am not the body nor the ego. This is why any "threat" of dishonesty in my relationship with him is not threatening. I accept him where he is in his process. The dillema I experience is when I know that both him and her are still at the point where they believe another person can possibly cause them to suffer. It is in this waythat he believes he can cause her suffering, she believes he can cause her suffering and you who replied believe that he can also cause all of us suffering. While I know this is not truth, they don't! I guess I'm looking for spiritual advice on this poly situation.
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