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After all, he needs a lot of research if he leaves us wondering wether or not he's talking about polygamy or polygyny right? If he's just looking into polygamy in men, he actually would be interested in say, mono's viewpoint. As far as 'traditional polygamy' goes, I'm fine with it. I just have a problem with half the men who practice it. If my husband met a woman we both cared about enough and she cared about us enough to want to have children together, I'd be totally supportive of us marrying her, even if I didn't personally want to have sex with her. That would make Eric a man with two wives, which on the surface, since we also both happen to be Christians, would be polygyny, christian, traditional polygyny even. Maybe, just maybe, somebody should be exposing him to what commited, healthy, poly relationships with consenting loving respectful adults looks like, even if he is just looking at one man many woman set-ups.

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