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Oh wow! you guys are awesome!!

Your responses have really helped me put it all into perspective. My husband has put in place a "friends only" rule for now (this has been the case for a month). It is difficult to let a relationship grow as it naturally would under these circumstances. I am trying to let him have his space to learn about it all though. I have talked with him about my feelings for the new guy, that I would like things to start moving forward, however slowly, and that meeting him might be a good first step. He wants to meet new guy but is nervous to do so. I feel like he just needs to get it over with. Thoughts?

Also he wants to meet other poly people (ones that we won't become involved with sexually) to understand the lifestyle first hand, which is a great idea. The think is is that he thinks that we need to do this before he meets my guy, before I can tell my guy that I like him. Sometimes this feels too controlling to me, even though I am trying to take it easy on the poor guy, who is really trying to understand. Thoughts again?

Thanks, you guys really are great, it feels so nice to have someone out there who can offer valuable points of view.
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