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Default OK...I have a real problem!

After reading the whole story of HMA, Violet, Lana and Anne( and Mark).
OMG! what are you thinking???

It is a proven fact the the human brain hasn't fully even developed untill 25 years of age!! At 20 and 21 years of age, I am sorry, but you don't have the maturity and knowledge to even fathom all the in and outs of a monogamous relationship, never mind a multi faceted poly one! ( I am not saying Vi and Anne specifically, but that age group)

Our youngest daughter is 23, she is our most 'worldly' and independant child. If she came to us and said this was going on in her life I would say RUN, RUN HARD FAST........AND NOW!!!!

To be involved with in this type of relationship, with age differances, and past histories so troubled. So much, so fast and so young! Be carefull!, slow down and if you are going to continue, do it with lots of full honest communication.

It may be the Mom in me, but is also the caring!

Ceoli, you thought you needed to duck .....Hell...think I am now facing the firing squad!
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