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Thanks, Mono! The positive is definitely the fun part, and what I want to talk about.

And, as long as I'm here, how about an update?

Things are going basically really good. My girlfriend came down to see the show I'm performing in for a second time this weekend, and her boyfriend actually came down to see it, too. This is actually a big step for him, since he's having some issues, do to some problems in previous relationships.

Those problems have led to some tighter parameters in our relationship. Things are loosening up a bit, and she and I are really, REALLY enjoying our time together in spite of all the things that are currently off-limits. We'll be having our first sleep-over (even with said parameters still mostly in place) next weekend, while Lady M and her boyfriend are on their first out of town trip.

The really cool thing about my lady coming down here was that she got to meet my friends. Since we're not out to them yet, it made for some interesting (and fun) challenges. What I quickly realized was that I don't care if people find out. I'm not going to shove anything in anyone's face, or flaunt anything, but there's bound to be questions when my friend from Portland comes down with her boyfriend to see my show, and then he heads back home (to a date, which we didn't mention) while she goes out to karaoke with our group, including my wife. Then, when my wife heads home to make sure our daughter was okay in bed (and then to visit HER boyfriend, which we also didn't mention ;-)), leaving me with my girlfriend, whom I have to drive back home later. No questions yet, but lots of considering looks. Nothing that was disapproving, but I'm waiting . . . :-)

Of course, it was a little frustrating when I realized that every one in our little circle of relationships was having sex that night EXCEPT us. Oh, well. It was still fun, and secrets can be pretty exciting!
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