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Originally Posted by opalescent View Post

Magdlyn's sacred whores were female (not mentioned in this thread but elsewhere). I'm not surprised that this dynamic happens in same sex, queer, transgendered relationships, including friendships but there seems to be a strong maternal thread here. I'm not seeing a similar paternal thread yet. I'm not saying it doesn't exist but it is suggestive that the 'distaff' side of things hasn't emerged here yet.

Interesting thread!
Au contraire! There were male sex workers in the temples and on the hillsides as well. In Hebrew, qudesha is the female plural, and qudeshim is the male plural. I mentioned on the "when sex was sacred" thread there were "holy ones" of both genders.

In Greek culture when male gods were taking over the power from female goddesses, one of the first things to happen were that males began to control the priesthood of the female goddess worship. To do this, at first the males who wanted to be priests needed to present as female, to wear women's clothing, makeup, hairstyles, etc. Many also castrated themselves. There are stories of how a man would castrate himself and run down the street with his bloody testicles in hand. Whichever house he threw them into, the people that lived there would need to give him a dress, which he would wear for his temple duties.
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