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hi, i'm rothko. i go by rothko all over the internet so unless you're looking for the painter mark rothko, i'm not hard to find. i don't purposely *announce* that i'm poly all over the place, but i'm out to my friends; i think some of them are judgmental but they're nice enough not to say anything about it.

i'm nearly 40 and married. poly is something that is kinda new to us but kinda not really at all. the hubster basically had what amounted to a poly thing in college where he and a friend were dating the same girl to the knowledge of everyone involved. while my husband and i were long-distance before we were married, i had a serious relationship with a guy in my own town and then i dated a woman briefly. and at some point after we were married, he dated a guy for a while.

so some of that was open-ish and some of it was poly; i really fell for the guy in my own town and loved him every bit as much as i love my husband. that was in like 1996, so that's quite a while ago now. other guy is happily married and i am not a part of that, which is fine. our lives just took very different directions.

this year it's become a much more prominent factor in our relationship; a friend of ours at a sex-positive party asked us if she could make out with us both and that's turned into a fun playtime date, though not a serious relationship. i just ended a brief (2.5-month) relationship with a woman not long ago. she was sooo my physical type but i ended up projecting emotional stuff onto her too, and she really just wasn't as into me as i was into her... so i learned a hard lesson there. i just fell too far too fast. and hard. ouch.

i am still looking for a female partner to be with on a serious level -- but local people only. i am not doing long-distance ever again.
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