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so when I first "came out" to my husband (who is mono) about my feelings for women and about monogamy was understandably shaken. And for several months things around the house were very emotionally charged and often very tense. But in the last couple of months this seems to have abated, and while I wouldn't say they are back to normal (we are, I feel, much closer now and more tightly knit as a pair than we ever were before), we have reached a happier place. All the changes are beginning to settle a bit more, and I guess I just feel like things are moving back towards balance and contentment.

In the last little while i have been having a relationship-y issue with a friend who J knows i would happily have as more than a friend, and had asked him for advice about what I should do. And while he would always have tried to help me in the past, today it was different. It was like, he could see it as something completely different and not in any way threatening to the relationship that I have with him. and it was really nice.

after today I feel like this journey we are on is a little bit less scary and I have more hope that he and I will both be just fine.
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