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Originally Posted by Mac341 View Post
Is not wanting her new oso all over me also wrong?
this is an *energy* thing for me, amazingly enough, If I wanted to be rolling around in that person's energy, I'd be with *them*.

Is me saying hey, don't go directly from sexual contact with them to being sexually intimate with me, also wrong?
I don't see anything wrong with your request. I am very big on energy transfer as well. I don't want to experience a lot of people's energy...and sexual energy is definitely not something I want to be exposed to besides Redpepper's.

I remember having sex with RP after she had a date with Leo that left her aroused. I later felt kind of like a substitute or stand in for the sex she really wanted to have with him. Basically I felt like I was swimming in thier sexual energy and it left me unsettled and "tainted" I guess you could say.

I don't see any harm in having a cool down time.

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