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Originally Posted by Mac341 View Post
Is not wanting her new oso all over me also wrong?
this is an *energy* thing for me, amazingly enough, If I wanted to be rolling around in that person's energy, I'd be with *them*.
I am not quite following how your gf would be rubbing the energy she has with her other partner all over you. According to her, when she parts company with you, that's it. She starts afresh and doesn't bring that energy with her. So, she'd probably do the same thing with her other loves and start afresh with you. Hence you would not be "rolling around" in anyone else's energy, as you put it.

As far as discovering this reaction in yourself, be careful not to... for lack of a better word, wallow in it. In other words, see if you can look at your reaction like an anthropologist, step back a bit from the tumultuous emotions, and observe this in yourself. Ask why it is that you're having such a strong response and feel so offended by her ability to disengage. Examine your response instead of waving it around like it means something. Take it as something to learn about yourself from.

Also, consider that perhaps her ability to do this means she takes all the wonderful heady feelings she has when she's with you and is able to carry them in her heart without getting lost in the clouds about it. So, she has her feet on the ground. You way of carrying the energy with you is your way, and her way of setting it aside is hers; neither is better than the other. She deals with having multiple partners differently than you do; why does this make you feel slighted? I would hazard a guess that, for some reason, this has poked a bit at some insecurities you carry around with you.
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