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Originally Posted by Mac341 View Post
Is not wanting her new oso all over me also wrong?
this is an *energy* thing for me, amazingly enough, If I wanted to be rolling around in that person's energy, I'd be with *them*.

Is me saying hey, don't go directly from sexual contact with them to being sexually intimate with me, also wrong?

There's no "wrong" involved. You can most certainly ask for that. Would it be a temorary thing while you got accustomed to the new situation, or would it be permanent?

And, just out of curiosity, do you go home from her and have sex with your primary, or do you always have a break? I know a lot of people that will have sex and cuddle or whatever with their primary as a way of reconnecting after being with other(s). They take that sexual energy from the OSO and bring it back home and share with their partner. To many people that's one of the benefits of poly relationships.

So just a food for thought question... why do you consider that energy from another partner "bad". What's the deal? It's just energy.
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