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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
So, she is in addition to Knightsaber's ex-gf, whom your husband is also seeing, correct? If his ex is still seeing your husband, but not speaking to Knightsaber anymore, does that create tension among you all and make things difficult?

(Just trying to get clear on who all the players are and the dynamic)
Yep, that's correct. He is seeing two people in addition to me, and I am seeing Knightsaber in addition to him.

There is definitely tension at the moment - this all happened very recently & we're still trying to figure out exactly how things need to be now. It's also complicated by the fact that my husband has been upset/angered by some things that happened recently and it has jeopardised the friendship between him and Knightsaber. My husband & I don't have veto power (barring any exceptional circumstances where something was really adversely affecting our relationship) and anyway he has already told me that he doesn't want to stop me doing anything in this case as long as I'm considerate of his feelings, so my relationship with Knightsaber is not at risk.

I'm hopeful that they can repair their friendship, but in the meantime our 'rule' has always been that everyone has to be able to be civil, not that everyone has to be best mates ('our' in this case refers to me & my husband - it's one of the things we agreed on when we opened our relationship last year).

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