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Originally Posted by HappiestManAlive View Post
Spammers annoy me.
umm... are you referring to me? I noticed that you made two references to how much you hate spammers and would like to meet them in person (the subtext I assume is a threat of physical violence to said "spammers").

I'm not sure if I'm unknowingly breaching some etiquette or if these posts actually have anything to do with me. Perhaps it is a coincidence they are just after my posts. I don't see anything I would consider spam in these threads, actually. Looks like a conversation to me. Maybe some moderator has moderated it?

That of course being one of the jobs of a moderator. To recognize and remove spam and spammers. Perhaps with your keen eye for such things you should apply for said position.

My understanding of spam is that it is unsolicited bulk commercial advertising or otherwise undesirable information, many times the product of hostile script/programming/"bots".
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