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I'll just throw in my quick story of how it happened for me/us. My husband knew who my 'crush' was, but had only heard of him and knew I worked with him. My 'crush' and I actually had our first two dates (after confessing our feelings for each other) before he and my husband met. My husband was the one suggesting they meet sooner rather than later and he was absolutely right. My bf was a bundle of nerves for this meeting, but he got through it just fine. We just met for coffee at a local shop and to make it a little more comfortable for my bf I went with him and my husband arrived on his own. It really helps that both my bf and husband share a hobby and so they always have something to talk about. My youngest child is crazy about my bf as well and once in a while he'll stop in for a quick visit on his way home from work so he can socialize with my husband and kids.

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