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Originally Posted by knightsaber View Post
About a month ago I decided I needed to end it with them despite still having strong feelings for the other woman involved. I ended it and my girl friend immediatly left me blaming my anxiety and jealousy issues over the break up rather than the fact she could no longer see him.
Why couldn't she continue seeing them and also be with you? You broke off your relationship with them, she didn't have to stop seeing them when you stopped.

Originally Posted by knightsaber View Post
Me and X are now seperated, she is now seeing the guy involved again and I am now seeing the other woman again. she makes me happy and I can accept the relationship as it is and for who I am. I feel great sorrow for what we all lost because I let 1 thing consume me, when I should have just talked more about it and sought help for issues of anxiety and relationship with X.

I am Poly I want it as part of my Life, yet I think I may struggle to find another partener like X that accepts this relationship the way it is.
Okay, so you got back together with the woman who is part of the other couple. And your old gf is seeing this woman's husband again. But you want your old gf back, too? Is that the issue? Is there a reason why can't you talk to her about it?
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