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Originally Posted by MrFarFromRight View Post
Except, of course, your TERRIBLE astigmatism. You commented on Rory's post, but passed right over [what was for me] the most important sentence in it:
Originally Posted by rory
It's not just a question of what he (and you) can live with, but also what both of you want from life.
even go a step further than "not just... but also": MUCH more important I'd than what you're willing to put up with is what you WANT (from life, but also from each other).
This can be analysed (and my last 2 posts resumed) as
a) Stop worrying about what might go wrong and enjoy [or as I wrote in a post WAY back: glory in] everything that's going right; and
b) Don't aim for "minimising the negative" as much as "maximising the positive".
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