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Originally Posted by santanger View Post
I'm 44, in a marriage for two years that has been completely devoid of all physical or emotion affection.
I am curious as to how you came to meet and marry your wife. Was it one of those marriages of convenience where she would get a work permit and you a child? Did you enter into the marriage thinking there would normal physical intimacy between the two of you. Have you been to couple's counseling?

Originally Posted by santanger View Post
She doesnt hold my hand, kiss me goodbye and her affect is completely flat all the time. I cant tell whether she's happy, sad, or angry.
Is it a cultural thing? Do you share a language? Is there communication? Have you tried asking her how she is feeling at any given time?

I'm sorry but it appears very weird that you have married a woman when there was no shared love or affection to begin with, fathered a son by her and are now somehow surprised that it isn't working out. Was there a dating period when everything was fine? Why have you allowed your marriage to grow cold, then?

Originally Posted by santanger View Post
I've met another woman who is bi and poly and want to desperately spent the rest of my life with her.
So, having one marriage on the rocks, how do you feel you are prepared and equipped to face the infinitely more complex patterns of polyships?

Originally Posted by santanger View Post
I dont know which way to turn.......any thoughts, help, comments......
So, if you are convinced that the marriage with the mother of your son is null and void and have given up on it already, getting a good lawyer is the way to go. I would seriously consider though what it is that you can bring into this new relationship that wasn't present when you met your wife.
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