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Default When 2 Loves Meet...???

I have been moving slowly into polyamorism, for my husbands sake. It has been going very well, no issues there! He actually has a profile on OKC now, which pleases me very much. I just had a question about secondaries..

I met a guy that I really like, just as friends for now, but I could see something wonderful about to bloom in the near future. My husband and I agreed that we want to meet secondaries before they become, well secondaries, lol. I am wondering what you guys do here. When does your primary meet your (perspective?) secondary?

He is a little uncomfortable with the idea of meeting the new guy, but he knows that sooner is better than later. I have been out 2x with this guy, so it is just in its infancy, especially as we are operating in the "just friends" category still. (Which is a very new concept for me, to "date" but to try to just be friends first, lol)

When do your two loves meet?
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