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Thank you for your wishes! And happy birthday!

Originally Posted by Phy View Post
Isn't it strange? One is so happy and fulfilled; that these emotions are able to wear you out because of the intensity they reach over time seems strange at first. It is easier now, the knowledge that we have all the time that we need on our hands is so refreshing and assuring. And I think that my 'emotional capacity' is already adjusting and widening, it isn't that arduous as it used to be during the three week visit. But I have to admit that namely the issue about 'being enough' arose during the time that passed since my last entry. I don't have the time to cover the story right now, but I will come back to it later.

(I feel the urge to say: Ha, I knew it, there was some trouble waiting for us! But we solved it mostly already, so everything is fine at the moment. It was partly caused by the living situation without the private space for Lin.)
It is totally strange, that the positive feelings can sometimes be so intense they are overwhelming. I agree in that I think it gets easier once one adjusts and gets used to it (and propably also as the NRE effect decreases).

But about what you write last, about how you were right in that there would be something waiting around the corner, I totally get that. BUT I think that's sort of the danger of feeling like that, it's a prophesy which is sure to fulfill itself, because it's obvious that not all times will be perfect in ANY relationship. So if one is just expecting for some signs of there being problems, one is guaranteed to have them. That's why I don't think it's a good thing, because it makes a too big deal then of even the smallest thing...
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