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Smile I live in NYC and find I am part of Poly relationship

20 plus years and my wife has found a boyfriend. I am 16 years older than my wife and boyfriend is 16 years younger than my wife. We have active sex life which has gotten better since boyfriend arrived. All parties are in good shape and health. I am retired and my wife is a yoga/bodyworker. New boyfriend is bodyworker.
Wife has been open about relationship and says she loves us both and that boyfriend will find someone younger and have a family.
We have a family all grown up.
She is OK with me finding someone but since I don't work do not normally meet other women who I would get to know.
I am going to a retreat in a couple of weeks in the Catskill Mountains where I may meet like minded women. Would really like to meet women who would be into this situation because I really love my wife. I am open to loving more than one person but it will be a new experience. As you can guess I am a real senior but am very active.
I would appreciate all feedback.
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