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I am sorry I don't fully understand the problem. Or what you're looking for. But I will say your idea that she must not be connected to you anymore, just because she sees someone else on same the day she sees you, is basically being a little rough on yourself. I have seen two guys in one day, and even though there were only a few hours in between didn't mean anything, in the sense that one was no longer special or part of me anymore. I still felt connected to one when I was with the other. And it can be quite a turn-on for both you and her, actually. I think this is just something you need to get past by seeing what's underneath your gut reactions, rather than make a rule about it. Like -- just as an example -- how we would work through jealousy, by stepping back and asking "what am I jealous of?" In this case, "What is this feeling of disconnection coming from?" Keep drilling down to the basis of it. Making a rule will impact their relationship, and since the other person has a limited schedule, that's might not be do-able. See if you can let her manage her relationships and her own schedule and you just relax and trust, and try to examine whatever comes up for you in the process. Being with two people in a day is not a crisis, but if you feel not taken care of, then voice your concerns.
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