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Hi, I haven't read everything so if this is a repeat, then please excuse me...

You sound like their sex toy. What I am hearing is that you are disposable and replaceable. If you are okay with that then great, but if not then move on.

I was once this kind of toy to others. I shrugged it off and decided I was okay with it when really I wasn't. It was very damaging. I decided to always express my needs as confidently as I could and if I was sluffed off and ignored then I would move on. That proved to be very helpful...

Might I suggest that if you do move on that you write them a polite email expressing how it might be a good idea for them to next time let their sex partners know that they are a toy to them ahead of time so that they don't set people up? If they are swingers or are only interested in unicorns for sex then they should say so next time in order to be respectful enough to those they play with.

We have heard many unicorns come on here expressing the same kind of treatment from their couple. Really, if the couple wants a toy to play with they should be up front with this.
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