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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
I hope you don't mind my asking this, but does he bring you to orgasm or is it all about him? I'm still trying to figure out what is so awesome about only being allowed to do a few things with a man whom you are not allowed to call or talk to privately. I do hope that you were allowed to come when diddling around with him!
Cindie, she said he's the first guy who ever made her cum. I can see why that would lead to attachment. He must have good oral and fingering skills...

But lots of guys do! Plus, you could get intercourse as well. My lovers always make sure I cum a bunch before getting their jollies. Well, my Os are a large part of their jollies.

Heh, I was with this young guy back in '09... the first time we went to have sex, he gave me one O. Then he got ready to put on a condom and I said, wait, I need another. So he gave me that and then I allowed intercourse.

Next time, he gave me 2 Os and went to put his dick in, and I said, wait... and I worked him over and he worked me over for a good half hr until *I* decided it was time to fuck. Afterwards, he was all, "Wow, that was INTENSE." He had a better O after prolonging the foreplay for a bit. I don't think he realized how that would be. Silly boy.
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