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Default Oh ha, company ! Welcome :D

Hello you two, nice to get some feedback on the things one writes, positive feedback even. So first of all, I am kind of exited that you actually enjoyed reading about our journey. It always seems so huge if it's the own story but others often don't get a real feel for it especially if I remember some of the passages where I mused about some of my inner workings and fears and such.

Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
I loved reading your story, thank you for sharing it with us. I'm envious of your new, blended family but also very happy for you. When I felt envy as I was reading, I reminded myself -- it's not like it all came together overnight! But where you are now is so beautiful and exciting.
Well Annabel, I think it's save to assure you that you don't need to be envious, your story is at least as fascinating, interesting and lucky as mine seems to be. There is so much love around you, it makes me wonder again and again how this must feel. Especially the baby … I am so curious to experience this special part of a relationship; hopefully it will be my turn in the next years that are to come. I don't know which aspect made you feel some stings of envy, but I am sure that this effect would be watered when I would be able to think of all aspects of the story at once when I write. It's mostly my view and some holes will always be there when I describe the happenings and occurrences. But yes, it is exciting, you are 100% right (And it's beautiful 97% of the time ^.^)

Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
The picture that you describe of the three of you is so terribly cute! Little Lin sandwiched between two Germanic giants.
I had to laugh out loud when I read this sentence and pictured what your image of us had to look like when you envision 'Germanic giants' … Priceless Too be sure to get the right picture I decided to add some personal descriptions of us:

Me: Naturally blond, I decided to dye my hair ruby red when I was 17. I never went back on it because my face is colored too strongly for the light color. Length is about the middle of my back, a bit curly. Red lips, brown eyes, black eyebrows and a healthy 'computer-tan' (too much time spent inside actually), 6'3 tall, 193 lbs (yes, I gained some weight over the last 10 years *sigh* but still looking average and OK).

Sward: Dark brown hair, natural curls, corkscrew curls even … most women got envious when he grew his hair out some years ago. It shorter now, but still long enough to show some curves. Light blue eyes that can change from gray to dark blue depending on the color of the clothes he wears (really fascinating). 6'7 tall, 275 lbs heavy, mostly located around the typical beer belly But he is quite muscular, therefore it still looks good. He is just a big bear, three-day beard most of the time with a thicker part around his mouth.

Lin: Dark brown hair, a bit scrubby, looking like a Monchichi when he just washed it. Eye color is a bit difficult to pinpoint, sometimes green, sometimes brown, but quite dark mostly. 5'10 'small', 148 lbs light, still working on gaining some weight On the contrary to Sward and me Lin got really thin lips, hardly colored at all.

I hope this helps avoiding the typical blond barbarian image

Originally Posted by rory
Our transition to poly just felt unrealistically easy and drama-free. But I'm starting to trust it now, and just enjoy myself without (much) worrying.
I still wonder about the mostly drama free and easy transition. There were issues but never real drama outside from my head that imagined the wildest outcomes. I am extremely appreciative of this fact and hope that this particular aspect won't change in the future.

Originally Posted by rory
I can also relate to the feelings of exhaustion after spending time with both your loves, and the longest I've had has been maybe four nights, whereas you had three weeks in a row! I do tend to make myself crazy over whether I'm being 'enough' for both of them, but I'm working on it and it's getting a lot better. Mya is actually coming tomorrow to stay for a week, so we'll see how that goes.

It must be quite intense to live together, particularly 'til you get the room done? Then again, still a bit different from visiting, since you know you'll have all the time in the world..?
Isn't it strange? One is so happy and fulfilled; that these emotions are able to wear you out because of the intensity they reach over time seems strange at first. It is easier now, the knowledge that we have all the time that we need on our hands is so refreshing and assuring. And I think that my 'emotional capacity' is already adjusting and widening, it isn't that arduous as it used to be during the three week visit. But I have to admit that namely the issue about 'being enough' arose during the time that passed since my last entry. I don't have the time to cover the story right now, but I will come back to it later.

(I feel the urge to say: Ha, I knew it, there was some trouble waiting for us! But we solved it mostly already, so everything is fine at the moment. It was partly caused by the living situation without the private space for Lin.)

I don't have more time on my hands to keep on posting and will come back again tomorrow or next week (it is my birthday tomorrow and I am excited to finally see what they planned for me, it have been years since I last didn't know in advance what my presents would look like )

I hope you, Rory, have a great time when Mya is there. Time is precious and I wish you three (four in the greater picture) that you can continue your journey as smooth as you were able up to now.
Facts: 30, female, bi, v-type relationship with Sward (husband, straight, mono) and Lin (boyfriend, straight, mono), poly-fi and co-primary.

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