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Default Ethical slut

I went on to amazon and bought the book "ethical slut". Been reading it in kindle. It really makes a lot of sense and it really takes the word back. I think I would love to be that person. Most of the women I have been with though, view that sex is never just sex. When we started going outside of our marriage in my current one my SO always felt "why am I not enough".

I love sex, it's fun and i totally get off when the other person cums, that's my turn on. I will usually only cum once but I have been know to go an hour or more.

Now I am in a fourple and it's great, I have 2 women and one guy I share with (and I wasn't bi till we met them). The big difference for me is that there is love involved. And occasionally we play outside but not often anymore.

The biggest change has been in the last number of months where my 'primary' has seen that I can have feelings for someone else and I don't have less for her. I think at some point soon we might like to add another person to the mix, be it a guy or girl, and maybe have that third down the road be a more permanent person, but we'll see.

Sorry for the ramble lol.
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