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Originally Posted by GroundedSpirit View Post
Can you think of a better stress buster than a few orgasms ?

Ah.......... YES. TANTRIC SEX. Believe it or not -- it does NOT focus on the orgasm!!!!!! It's the joy in the journey. It's being FULLY present to and with another human being.

Orgasm -- the petit mort, in French, which means "little death" -- can be such a focus, that the good stuff on the way gets underrated.

Believe it or not, in Tantric, you can have whole body orgasms! Soul orgasms! That last a whole lot longer!

I'm not making this stuff up, and I'm no expert whatsoever. I've only read a few books. It was really appealing to me, especially the healing part, which I have experienced personally. Worth checking out!
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