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Wait -- so you were asking her if you taste different than she does, and if he has mentioned anything to her about that, right? Were you wondering if he compared the two, or if you taste "okay"? Did HE say anything to YOU about it?

I would be curious to hear what others have to say about the taste subject. I am a straight female, so I wouldn't know, personally!

I am also curious -- does HE have YOUR number? Or does everything have to go through her, exclusively? Basically, she is the pimp -- ? He can't even make his own booty calls?

You are more than just a sex toy. It's not right to be used that way. You can do much more than just get her husband off. You are a lovely person with love to give. It sounds like you were open to giving love to BOTH of them, too -- so it is a shame that they are only interested in one thing you have to offer. If you want to do that, honey, go get paid for it! If you want to give more of yourself, you may have to look elsewhere, for some people who are capable and willing to give you the respect you deserve.
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