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Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
Davis and I had a long talk last night over dinner and a walk. I admitted the depth of my reservations to him. [...] Near the end of the night he finally answered a question I'd asked early on and said that, yes, he's had doubts about our relationship too. [...] You'd think that confirming that we're both unsure about our relationship would leave us feeling more separate from each other, but somehow the opposite happened. I guess holding this all in and running it around and around in my head was distancing me from him. I found that I actually felt closer to him and better about things than before.
I think we often cause ourselves unnecessary problems when we worry that we don't match our special ones' feelings for us. ("I feel guilty because I don't love her as much as she loves me." "Why can't I be as sure about our relationship as he is about it?"...) To find out that the other has their doubts, too, can come as SUCH a relief!

And - as well and as always - good communication, being open, is of paramount importance.

(More hugs coming at you from Spain. I'm one of the "marshalls" in our city's contribution to today's World-wide demonstration for true democracy.)
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