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1) I don't need pregnancy explained to me...I have a child.

2) The impression that I get is that she does feel jealous or left out, but doesn't want him to be miserable with the lack of sex in the relationship
, so she is just tolerable enough to keep me around to help HER husband get off. I feel used, just like I did before.

3) I don't think she owes me anything but some common decency and respect. To not act indifferent as if I am just any other little slut off the street with mediocre sex to offer. If they have other options I wish they would explore them and I intend to tell her that. I don't go into any relationship regarding the other person(s) involved as objects. I treat them as friends, no matter what the sexual dynamic is.

Example: I told her (since, remember, can't talk to him) that I felt like I tastes different and I felt weird about it. She asked me how I tasted myself, I told her and then asked if he had said anything about it. She didn't say anything for two hours, so o finally just said, "I guess that's a yes..." She responds, "oops was taking my kid to school Haha". Ummm...OK, so you take the time to text back but still don't answer the damn question? Its almost like she enjoys me feeling insecure...but how is that supposed to make me want to come over and be intimate with him?

I am just sick of her power trip. Its not my fault She can't fuck her husband.
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