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Originally Posted by opalescent View Post
I consider slut a shame word thrown at women and girls who enjoy sex, who experience and share the pleasues of sex. Slut, as a derogatory term, is sometimes used about women or girls who often haven't had sex with lots of partners - but gave some sort of indication that she enjoyed it.
Interesting comment Opal.

I wonder if we've uncovered either another gender difference or if it may be a regional or cultural difference. Like I said to RP - it's amazing how many variations on the meaning of any particular word you find !
I have never seen/heard the term 'slut' or any other derogatory term used for a woman who just seemed to enjoy sex. Unless that 'enjoyment' led her to a high level of activity with multiple different partners. Men will talk about how "hot" someone (likely?) is, how 'horny' they are etc but it only leans toward the negative when she starts spreading her joy
Maybe it's been different in your area or culture ?? I suspect if so it would be a minority.

Originally Posted by opalescent View Post
The connection with sexual healing intriques me because, personally, it has never occurred to me to have sex with someone because they are damaged or hurting in some way and sex with me can help. I've had sex for lots of reasons - to express love, to connect, for pleasure, to pass the time, to touch and be touched, to get off, among others - but never to heal someone else (or heal myself for that matter). Literally never occurred to me.
Again - maybe a regional or cultural phenomenon ?

It's been known since antiquity that the hormones released during sex can have profound impacts on people's mental state. We've talked some about the science behind it here quite a few times. The whole oxytocin etc syndrome. We also have all the science we need that connects stress to physical problems. Can you think of a better stress buster than a few orgasms ?
And again, the ancients were well aware of this - so nothing new here. But like MAgs mentioned, ever since the rise of the patriarchy, a lot of this common sense wisdom has been lost/hidden. And it still is ! You bear witness to this !

So go forth and heal girl



Originally Posted by opalescent View Post
I'm also intrigued that the sexual healing encounters described have all been heterosexual. I racked my brains trying to remember if any lesbian or queer friends have mentioned a similar experience.
I think this is universal across all gender preferences. It's only because of the limited participants in this little thread that it might look to have hetro connection. Altruism is gender neutral

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