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You know, Indie, I recently decided to try and find me a nice, nilla boy. I figured I can educate him about what I like, just like any one should do when they find a new sex partner. I had been hoping that Beanstalk would work out but that experienced helped me realize that I actually felt really good about dating guys outside of the kink community proper. When I get involved, I've decided that I want a boyfriend with a capital B. It seems to be where I've wanted every relationship to go and it's never gone and I'm tired of it. I want some one to be really into me. For right now, I feel good being single but I feel like I'm finally able to say what I want without feeling bad about it.

@Magdlyn, I, too, have met a lot of kinky guys that were a bit off... Control issues... all kinds of stuff. I am super curious to check out different kink communities and see if I have better luck in another place. I've also come to terms with the fact that I have a very rewarding life outside of the kink community and for now my time is better invested there.
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