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Default I'm finally saying "Hi!"

I've been gleaning info from this forum on and off for 2+ years, and am finally taking the jump from lurker. I am a 52 yr old female in relationship a 4+ year commited relationship with K, who is a 56 yr old man with whom I had a very affectionate, caring friendship for at least 6 years before we started our relationship. He told me he was poly before we became involved, and clear discussion about it. About a year and a half in we started a fabled "unicorn" with one of his female friends, which turned into just her and K, then which blew up after a total of about 9 months. A year later, we added "D" who seemed to want to be my friend, interested in K as a love. Now over 2 years into it we are stuggling, all living in the same small house. D knew K was polyamorous and that he was my commited partner before it all started, but has never gotten comfortable with poly. I am looking forward to being able to talk out situations as they come up.

Thanks for your patience with my long winded introduction!
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