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Originally Posted by RiniDance View Post
TWithin that first week he expected me to know her cries, to know what to do.
Woah! Well, you know now that not even the baby knows what it's crying about that first week.

He says he cannot give me a commitment to know I'm a high priority in his life or to just feel secure in "us". He just says things like "for the moment..." "nothings a guaranty". This hurts.
Ouch. This man is not planning to stay with you. Why should you go through the trouble of negotiating a poly relationship with him if he's made it clear he's just looking for something better?

Saying he pays the rent, gets the groceries, pays for everything. This is NOT true. Although my income has been extremely limited, I still contribute what I can.
Well, you've moved out now, so that should be less of a problem. If you do move back in, work out an actual budget with reasonable contributions for both of you so that you both know you're doing your part.

For now, sue for child support. I'm not kidding. You're not really together, are you? You don't live with him. He needs to support his kid regardless of how you guys are doing, relationship-wise.
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