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What is a DM - Dungeon Master?
A DM is a dungeon monitor. They are security/assistants/firstaid etc at play parties. Mostly, they just observe and make sure everything happening is ok. They have the authority to stop a scene if they feel it's unsafe and they're available to help out if need be. I'm actually a DM or was, since I'm not really part of the community these days. In order to become one around here, you take a class and BAM, you're a DM.

Can he be ousted somehow?
Unfortunately, I feel like my hands are tied. He's very popular in the community among people he hasn't dated. Everyone that he's dated can't seem to stand him and thinks he's a giant douche. He's also a real nurse so that lends him credibility. The community is highly political and he's been there a long time. I don't think any one would believe/listen/care enough to oust him. I don't have that kind of power. I'm pretty sure that if I tried, I'd probably be the one to take the hit, not him.

Obviously, that has led me to feel cynical about the community here given the kind of folks that are in "leadership."

An irresponsible dominant can really fuck up their subs on so many levels.
This is terribly true. I do feel traumatized by what happened. The emotional wounds last far longer than the bruises.

So you do get turned on, but then go home and play with yourself instead of just shagging the play partner? I hope you find a sensitive lover into both
Me too! I'm tired of blue balling myself.
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