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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
So you're a guy, you had 2 gfs, J and X, dumped X, got married to J, and moved to Toronto with her. I'm not confused yet.
Yes I am a guy. I did not have 2 girlfriends all 3 of us J, X and myself lived together, as one unit under the same roof.

Now I am confused. She is off sex but she is replying to ads for sex, which are seeking a sexual partner for you? She doesn't want sex, so why is she replying to the ads? Why isn't that your job?
I do reply but she puts her inputs as she is a part of my life I cant lie and say I am single when I am married. ( Well I won"t anyway or should I)

But I thought she was "off sex?"

She is not interested in sex

A sex partner for you who may become a friend for her? She doesn't want sex, you say. Do you mean she just doesn't want sex with you? Or she would have sex with you if another partner was also in the bed? How do you feel about that?

I feel fine with her having sex of any kind but she does not want sex with anyone period!

A new lover for you is under no obligation to become friends or lovers with J.
I never said I wanted a new lover to be J's friend

Well yeah. You're the one who wants sex and romance with others. J can seek friends outside of the dating community. On her own. Not with singles and couples who want sex/romance.

She has friends outside of the dating/sex scene

How could you sexually "share" her if J doesn't want sex?

I said I had no problem sharing her whether she wants to or not is up to her. As it stands she doesn't.

My advice, for as far as I understand it now, is to stop thinking as "we" and start acting as individuals. You want sex with others... go get it. J wants some new non-sexual friends, go get 'em, J.

I am getting to this point but find it hard meeting people due to the fact that when I mention I am married I get the rejections and all the other crap for being married and labeled as a cheater

J can join ok cupid and just write in her profile she is seeking friends. Or she can meet them in real life through hobbies, work, volunteering, etc.
I have no clue what ok cupid is?

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