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Originally Posted by RiniDance View Post
Am I wrong in asking for time? He wants to set a time frame on this because of a previous relationship going downhill because he wanted a poly relationship with her. Now, he's saying I'm saying the same things but Im not. I'm simply asking for him to calm down and give me time. Was I wrong in asking for him to simply talk to her only and not meet up in person until we get things settled properly?
You're not wrong, you're being completely reasonable in asking for time. And a time frame is, you say, what he wants... it just seems like he wants it to be his timeline, not your timeline or a compromise timeline.

Maybe he misrepresented those past relationships, maybe they ended for the same reason -- that he was simply too demanding, inflexible, and unempathetic. Honestly, I'm sure the idea of parting ways with the father of your child must be terribly hard, but the fact that he doesn't want to take the time to get to know his own child, well, that's not exactly a "partner", is it?
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