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Thanks Red Pepper. Problem is, he originally didn't want the baby. Now that she's here, well.. he's just having lots of problems. He isn't feeling a full connection to her either and doesnt want to put the time in to let her get to know him.

Now he blames me for saying I was somewhere further along through my emotions and what I wanted as if I lied to him about a poly relationship. He is not willing to wait any longer. He is not willing to let this other relationship go either even though it is at a beginning phase (2 weeks of knowing her).

This month would have been our 1 year anniversary -- now not so sure that's going to happen.

I can not seem to get through to him that I've been through a major time and change due to the pregnancy. Now I have the child to care for.

Am I wrong in asking for time? He wants to set a time frame on this because of a previous relationship going downhill because he wanted a poly relationship with her. Now, he's saying I'm saying the same things but Im not. I'm simply asking for him to calm down and give me time. Was I wrong in asking for him to simply talk to her only and not meet up in person until we get things settled properly?
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