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Tonight the husband, myself, J-kun, and A-san went to a local club for some dancing. For the most part, it was fun...but I think everyone went home disappointed.

So here's the rundown. J-kun has still not told A-san he's not interested in fooling around with her anymore. My husband is, however, interested in A-san. She is his type. So we pretty much spent an hour waiting for someone to get the nerve to actually go onto the dance floor, which ended up being J-kun and I at first. Eventually we all were out there, it was a lot of fun, until we started to step off as it got crowded and needed water, etc. Then it was a lot of talking and standing close as people pushed by to get on and off the dance floor, to the bar, etc.

So even though there were some moments of uncomfortable-ness it was a lot of fun. After a few hours A-san was ready to leave, but I wasn't. I really wanted to get J-kun back on the dancefloor but it was crowded and my hubby relayed to me via A-san she was ready to go. I/we had hoped that my husband could take her home and I could stay a little while longer with J-kun but it didn't work out that way. She asked J-kun to take her home, confusing me, because the men had agreed to do what I was thinking, but that wasn't what happened. In my confusion she let me know they were leaving and that she wanted to take J-kun home and 'fuck the shit out of him'.

Let the discomfort begin. Well neither me or my husband wanted to stay at the club after that, so we left right after them. Then we ran into them outside. J-kun invited us back to his place, and then went off to his car, leaving A-san with us. I could defiantly tell on the ride over to J-kun's place she was pissed. Huffing and sighing in the backseat was abound.

So we watched some TV at J-kun's for a few hours, decided that it was late at about 3am, and decided to break it up for the night. J-kun's tactic for telling A-san 'no' was offering to take her home and saying 'not tonight' when she pouted and asked if she couldn't just sleep there. So husband and I left, leaving J-kun to take A-san home.

We could only imagine what happened on their way back. Mutually husband and I wish J-kun would just talk to her. I'm not sure what will happen, but hopefully things will get resolved.

I need to write this part of my thoughts of this down: I would not have a problem with J-kun's interactions with A-san if I did not know that he is not interested in continuing bedroom relations with her. If he did not complain about having to see her and tell her no and come up with excuses for why he can't 'hang out' that day. It was supposedly a casual fuck-buddy thing, but she behaves strange about it sometimes and that bothers him. The thing is: the longer he waits to talk to her, regardless of what her impressions are, the worse it will be.

I am not in the habit of telling people what to do, especially when it comes to relationships. So unless they ask me explicitly for my advice, or my opinion, I just listen. I'll give my initial impressions, but nothing along the lines of "oh my god...well you should blah-blah-blah" So we shall see how things go from here.
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