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2 out of 5 of my pregnancies, I wore clothing I thought looked fab at the time, but hideous afterwards.
- Detested foods I normally loved.
( 5 out of 5 times.)
- Listened to different music then I normally ever would. (4 out of 5 times)
- Put up with peoples crap, when I normally wouldnt, or vice versa. (everytime)

Afterwards when all the 'baby-crack' was out of my system, I really looked back and was in awe of the alien I became during that time. I had one instance where I cried in a restaurant, because the person who made my chicken burger, put the toppings underneath the burger, rather then on top. I just kept sniffling ' Thats why,..they,..are,..called,..toppings, not bottomings.'

My husband and I, are pretty darn open, have been for many years, but I think if he took on a girlfriend while I was preggers, I would of snapped like a twig. When pregnancies, and fears for a babys survival are about, it changes your outlook. You can feel very alone in the universe. Every bit of support a partner can give, matters.

Sometimes you see people where the father to be, wont drink alcohol during the pregnancy because his wife cant, or wont do other things that they would normally do together. Someone can get their maternal briefs in a twist, and think its all co-dependency, but really it can just be support, like jogging a marathon to support someone in need.

So I would urge the OP that if she cant be a tad more compassionate, or at least find some type of positive outlook, then get out now.
Its only going to become MORE about the baby, not less in the months to come. She is going to need his input MORE when he can finally help with the actual baby. There is no compersion in knowing the father of your child, is off bonking the new chick, while you are at home with another sleepless night, deciding which way to breastfeed for the 20th attempt.

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