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I dont understand.

Sunshine and I went out on a date last week and S joined us along with a dozen of our other close friends - some know about the three of us, some don't. We have not put it out in the open as of yet for some of the complicated reasons and her husband.

S had indicated that he would give us our space. I didn't think he'd be too far from her and I - and I was correct.

I got upset at the end of the evening when I had had enough of watching him making 'googly faces' at her and taking her attention. I will admit, I did handle it wrongly. I should have waited until he and I were home and then discussed it with him, but I tend to not do that (yeah, I've done it in the past - one of my things I'm working on) and well, makes for a tense drive home.

When we did discuss it and I told him that I did not feel it was "our date" but rather "his date", he told me that I was seeing what I wanted to see.
Sunshine and you went on a date? But your husband and a dozen other friends were there. Why is it supposed to be a date for you and Sunshine when S and a passel of other friends were there? Wouldn't a one on one date be more of a real date?

S and Sunshine were/are in a sexual relationship? You didn't approach Sunshine as a sexual partner because she is married to a man and has another gf? But she's now still with her husband and her old gf and now somehow you think there is a triad situation with you and S and her? Is sex for you and Sunshine on the table? It's not a triad unless you and S and Sunshine are all physically involved. Do you and Sunshine both want that?

How much time or energy does Sunshine have for you as a gf when she already has a husband, a gf and a bf(S)?

You say you are "building a friendship" now with Sunshine. But you were already friends. Do you mean there is the beginning of a romantic/sexual relationship for you and Sunshine? Do you plan on sex with her alone? Do you plan on 3way sex with her and S? Do Sunshine and S want a 3way?
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