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You're totally doing the thing. You know, the one women with hots/crushes on men do, where they don't want to see anything wrong with the guy and everything is the fault of the other woman (his wife/his ex/whatever). You do not have his contact information. That's her fault, because she doesn't want you to have it. It's equally his fault because he's either too afraid to disagree with her or doesn't want you to have it that badly, anyway. And it's your fault, because your expecting to get more out of this than they're willing to give, and instead of drawing your own boundaries and sticking to them you're blaming it on the wife. I wouldn't be so harsh, but you did call her a bitch, so...

Originally Posted by CranberryStardust View Post
If She is jealous or resentful or feeling negative about it, shouldn't she just cut it off?
If you're feeling negative about it, shouldn't you then, by your own logic, cut it off?

I agree with SourGirl, she doesn't owe you anything. If your needs aren't being met, you need to do something about it.
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