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Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
For the record, my response stemmed a good bit from remembering Cran's last thread and how frustrating/messed up it all sounded then. I'm surprised to see the situation is still going on, rly. I know that's not the most helpful attitude, advice-wise. Minxxa has some good stuff to say, assuming that this is actually a relationship and not just a weird, controlling sexual powerplay dynamic.
Yeah, I didn't remember that either. Still... how much of that old wierdness might be due to the pregnancy and hormones? (I can't remember how long they've all been dating.)

Just saying, that pregnancy will make you loopy in the best of times and under the best of circumstances. Trying to judge someone's personality based solely on how they act when they're flooded with hormones is not going to be reliable.

Personally I remember being so out of it sometimes I felt like another person. And having the hubs say things like "calm down".... boy howdy. I wanted to kill somebody! LOL...

Edited: I looked back and it looks like at the point they asked CS to be the girlfriend the wife was 3 months preggers. So, perhaps making a big giant step like that during a pregnancy and the change that comes with it perhaps wasn't the wisest choice. :-)

It happens...

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