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I`m with Minxxa on this one.

Besides everything Minxxa said,...lets point out a glaring thing here. She has a lot going on with the pregnancy, things that most people would use to turn around and kick your ass to the curb, disgruntled or not. Yet, she has not. So is it possible she has some hope to salvage the situation ?

She is in a situation where he obviously loves her through any possible 'changes' due to her high risk pregnancy and situation. She can count on him. You on the other hand, couldnt give a flying fuck about her anymore. The sex was good, now its gone, and she`s just a bitch in your eyes.

What does she 'owe' you again ?? Remind me ?

She very well could be every inch the bitch you said, pregnancy or not. I`m not sure how a few romps in the sack, equate to you having this entitlement to him, on your own terms. They have kinda made it clear, haven`t they ?

All you control is you. I understand this is a vent. However, many of the thing you say, sound built up in your own mind, and not truly talked through with her.
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